Why should you use the Incident Management System within your Business Continuity plan?

Vanguard EMC and other business continuity management experts recommend the incident management system to their clients as part of business continuity planning. The incident management system or incident command system is a standardized approach to incident management that is scalable and flexible.

In the United States, all federal departments and agencies, and state and local governments are required to adopt the National Incident Management System.

As a Canadian organisation, why would you want to learn and apply this system to your organisation? Here are five reasons that your organization should look into IMS for BCP:

  1. It will provide structure and allows for control over the response and recovery environment
  2. It will provide senior management with a proven structure and method to manage significant interruption to the organization
  3. It will provide a framework for tracking the resources and cost directly related to the interruption
  4. It will provide common terminology between yourself and emergency responders
  5. It will address the disparity of communications between organizations and emergency management teams during an emergency

Vanguard EMC is offering free courses introducing you to the incident management system (ICS100). If you have already received this introduction and are ready to start applying IMS to your business continuity program, you will benefit from BCIMS200. This course will provide practical guidance on how to adopt the IMS/ICS for business continuity for business or government organisations.

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