Prepare your business for Hurricane Sandy

The perfect storm is moving slowly up the eastern seaboard today.  All businesses within its path should be activating their business continuity plans or at least reviewing them.  Your business, even if it does not sustain direct damage from the storm, could be impacted by prolonged power failures. I have a few simple reminders to include on your list today.

  1. Check your back-up generator to ensure it has enough fuel to last you through three or four days
  2. Review with your staff any critical staffing requirements – provide clear instructions to those who are not required
  3. Gasoline – remind staff to fill up their vehicles and fill the tanks of the corporate fleet
  4. Communication is key – look into renting or purchasing a Satellite phone – the most reliable during a storm
  5. Meet with key incident response players remind them of their role in the incident
  6. Update your go bags and Emergency operations centre equipment (often things disappear over time)
  7. Use up or clear out perishable foods wherever possible

We do not often have days to prepare before an emergency. Take full advantage of it.

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