Improve your Business Continuity Strategies tip 6 – RFP’s

‘When planning for war, I have always found plans to be useless, but planning to be invaluable.’ General Eisenhower

Your program is now moving along smoothly. The risk evaluation and the business impact analysis (BIA) have produced valuable information and senior management has signed off on your recovery time and return point objectives.  Now you must establish how your organization will meet these objectives. These ten tips will hone your skills at devising business continuity strategies for your organization.

Tip# 6  Develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) if warranted

Preparing an RFP for large procurements is often required in organizations.  When preparing your business continuity strategies, it is essential.  Clearly specify your objectives.  Develop an RFP which includes:

  • Redundancy capabilities
  • Alternate staff
  • Workarounds
  • Surge capacities (ie: cross training of critical resources, stockpiling of critical supplies)
  • Minimum hardware requirements
  • Networking requirements (from alternate locations to home site)
  • Plan exercise options

Your request must include a confidentiality clause, a priority clause and a guarantee of delivery clause.

Return tomorrow for our next tip on Business Continuity Strategies.

(For more information on DRI’s professional practices please read Professional Practice One – Program Initiation and Management DRII Professional Practices  June 1, 2012 Version 1)

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