10 Ways to Improve your Coordination with External Agencies – tip 6 document resources

Internally, all your plans are written and exercised, your people are trained and aware of their roles and your messages are prepared.  Maybe after your first exercise, you will appreciate that your organization can not respond or recover on its own. The following 10 tips will facilitate your coordination with external agencies.

Tip # 6 Document excess resources that could be used by others  

Identify and document assets potentially available in support of public authorities and other organizations during an emergency. Some examples of helpful items:

  • Chemicals
  • Fuel supplies
  • Water & foam (fire suppression) sources
  • Communication devices & support equipment
  • Ham radio
  • Equipment (trucks, back hoes, ships, etc.)
  • Organizational contacts
  • Locations
  • Skilled and trained personal
  • Shelter capability
  • Ability to provide food to emergency workers/community

Build strong relationships with supporting agencies by bringing important resources to the table.

(For more information on DRI’s professional practices please read Professional Practice Ten –  Coordination with External Agencies DRII Professional Practices June 1, 2012 Version 1)

‘When planning for war, I have always found plans to be useless, but planning to be invaluable.’ General Eisenhower

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