10 Ways to Improve your Coordination with External Agencies – tip 8 share exercises

Internally, all your plans are written and exercised, your people are trained and aware of their roles and your messages are prepared.  Maybe after your first exercise, you will appreciate that your organization can not respond or recover on its own. The following 10 tips will facilitate your coordination with external agencies.

Tip # 8 Share exercises and training opportunities

When you exercise your plan, notify and include external authorities where applicable.  Invite fire, police and emergency medical service departments to participate in appropriate lunch and learn programs.

Participate in local emergency planning committee meetings as well as in local and regional training and exercises. Experts will often divulge more and better information ‘face-to-face’ then via e-mail or any other form of communication.

Some communities have run large scale exercises that business and government are invited to participate in such as the 2009 and 2011 Greater Toronto Incident Management Exchange.

(For more information on DRI’s professional practices please read Professional Practice Ten –  Coordination with External Agencies DRII Professional Practices June 1, 2012 Version 1)

‘When planning for war, I have always found plans to be useless, but planning to be invaluable.’ General Eisenhower

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