14 ICS Management Characteristics – 5 Tips for ICS Accountability

Effective accountability of resources at all jurisdictional levels and within individual functional areas during incident operations is essential. Adherence to the following ICS principles and processes helps to ensure accountability:

  • Resource Check-In/Check-Out Procedures
  • Incident Action Planning
  • Unity of Command
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Span of Control
  • Resource Tracking

Tip #1 – Commander and Planning Section Chief set Tone
The Incident Commander and the Planning Section Chief set the tone for accountability across the organization ensuring that the principles of ICS are upheld.

Tip #2 – Keep unit and personal logs
This will demonstrate transparency and allow for learning post incident.

Tip #3 – Ensure Meeting Schedules are kept

Tip #4 – Use a standardized status reporting procedure for operational units
It provides basic information for command decision-making and responder accountability, while making efficient and effective use of communications channels.
The unit can prepare a quick report that provides its current position, progress with its current task, a statement of any resource or support needs, and a simple statement accounting for personnel assigned to the person preparing the report. Such a personnel accountability report provides a positive acknowledgment that the unit is intact and safe.

Tip #5 – Ensure unity of the chain of command
Accountability relies on each individual in the active ICS structure having a direct supervisor and that the supervisor accepts responsibility for subordinates.

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