The Many Uses of the Vanguard EMC Inc. Multi Purpose Emergency Tool


Vanguard EMC Inc recommends including equipment within your emergency operations centre or recovery kit(s) that can be used for a variety of purposes.  This will often make your kit smaller, lighter and easier to store.  As part of our promotional items, Vanguard gives away a free multipurpose item that can be used as a:


  • Plate
  • Water Dish: Place outside on the ground to collect rain.
  • Umbrella: Place inverted over head to protect from torrential downpours.
  • Communication accelerator: Print message, tape to disk and throw to intended recipient.
  • Communication deterrent: Aim at nose of speaker and throw hard.
  • Stress Alleviator: Keeps children, pets and Senior Management relaxed.
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If you think of more uses for this item, please let us know below. To obtain your free multipurpose tool speak with us at the DRIE Ottawa annual conference in June or at any of the quarterly meetings.

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