DRI CANADA Lifetime Achievement Award 2015 – Brian Miller

Award Ceremony at WCDM

Brian Miller takes the stage at WCDM to accept the 2015 DRI CANADA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Vanguard EMC is proud to announce that our president Brian Miller was awarded the DRI CANADA Lifetime Achievement award at the World Conference on Disaster Management June 10, 2015.  I wanted to share his acceptance speech in order to inspire the next generation of Business Continuity and Emergency Management professional to become active in the industry:

Pictures at the DRI Booth with the Award

John Yamniuk, Brian Miller and Brock Holowachuk

Friends, colleagues and conference delegates; as I stand here before you this morning, I feel somewhat uneasy because I know of others who are also deserving of this award. Ironically I prepared the nomination papers for someone else before learning that I had also been nominated. And so I wish to thank the people who took the time to consider me as a candidate and most specifically to my alma mater in the world of BC and EM, the Ottawa Chapter of the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange.

It is indeed a great honour to be recommended and selected by my peers and it is many of those same people to whom I owe such gratitude for supporting me through the times when difficult decisions were made and significant risks taken to ensure and enhance our profession in Canada. Not every battle was successful but in the end we prevailed.

My career in business continuity and emergency management has been enhanced by my involvement in DRIE, DRI CANADA and the CCEP. While I contributed to these organizations in support and leadership roles, they gave back so much more than I put in. It is like having a bank account that pays 125% interest on deposits.

The words “lifetime achievement” sound like it is the end of a great period but there remains much more to come! I am looking forward to achieving many more milestones in our profession  and I ask you to join me on the rest of the journey. I am appealing to you to seek opportunities to volunteer within our profession, it is only through selfless dedication that we can all move forward.

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